Make the sun work harder for you. Increase crop yields upto 2x for your farm.

What We Do

At SolGro Inc. we’ve created a patented greenhouse canopy system that embeds advanced nano-materials into greenhouse glazing to convert wasted sunlight into usable light for increased plant photosynthesis.

By converting natural sunlight into the red and blue spectrum our material has helped farmers decrease harvest time, increase crop yields and improve the overall quality of their produce.


Test Results

  • 20% faster growing time

  • Harvested 55-57 day strain in 45 day

  –  Portland, Oregon

Day 1
Day 20

Decrease Harvest Time

Increase Crop Yields

Improve Plant Quality


We’re on a mission to help farmers successfully and sustainably harvest high quality produce.

Chief Engineer

James Talavera CE

Chief Engineer

Tyler Sickels

Manufacturing Engineer

Malhar Punde ME

Manufacturing Engineer
Director of Research

Sunil Sahi Phd

Director of Research



Don’t just listen to us. Here’s what people say about our material.

  • 20% faster growing time!

    " I tested SolGro's glazing with a typically 55-57 day strain. We harvested it in 45. Amazing results! "

    Portland, OR

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SolGro develops cutting edge greenhouse canopies that increase crop production by amplifying the growing properties of natural sunlight. This SolGro film has the potential to increase crop yields by 2x speeding up the maturity of the development of the plant and increasing mass.

Decrease harvest time
Increase crop yield
Increase flower quality
Tyler Sickels – Founder/CEO